Business litigation is a very complicated area of law which involves numerous contractual, tort and business issues, including for examples breach of contract, unfair competition, trade secrets, intentional interference with economic advantages, infringement of intellectual property rights, misrepresentation, fraud, and other business torts. Pursuing or defending a business litigation case requires not only litigation and trial skills and experience, but also legal knowledge and experience in business and commercial transactions. Of course, appropriate strategies must be adopted. Sometimes, we need to be aggressive, but in some situations moderate approach is more proper.

In currently intricate commercial environment, it is hard to say you are absolutely wrong, for instance, in a breach of contract case when you have breached a legally binding contract. When you get sued, please be calm and find what mistakes the opposing party has made, which may let you have probable causes of action such as unfair competition, intentional interference with your economic advantage, slander or libel, etc. to cross-complain against the opposing party.

Business litigation is one of the tools in assets protection and of course is one of our practices to further protect our clients’ rights and interests. For instance, when your business’s trademark or patent is infringed, our intellectual property litigation services will step in to protect your intangible property. Remember that a trademark or patent of your company is a unique and valuable asset of your company.  

Our areas of practice in business litigation include:

- Breach of contract
- Intentional interference with contract
- Unfair competition
- Negligent or intentional misrepresentation
- Trademark, patent and copyright infringement
- Breach of non-competition agreement among partners or shareholders
- Fraud


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